We ensure that every aspect of our business is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices and are committed to a programme of continuous improvement. We achieve this by:

  • Utilising FSC approved, sustainably sourced or recycled paper.
  • Ensuring all wood used in the manufacture of our products originates from FSC approved or sustainable sources.
  • Collaborating with long term, environmentally responsible suppliers.
  • Developing and upgrading our products to include non-plastic components.
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources and energy, while consuming material goods in moderation.
  • Reducing waste by adopting improved operating practices and recycling materials wherever practical.
  • Ensuring all waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Complying with environmental legislation.

Hacche Retail Ltd has achieved and maintains FSC STD 50 001 (Version 1.2) EN and FSC STD 40 004 (Version 3.0) EN accreditation for FSCĀ® Chain of Custody Certification as Developer, Sourcer and Retailer of gifts, games and books.