We ensure that every aspect of our business is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices and are committed to a programme of continuous improvement.

We achieve this by:

  • No forced, involuntary, prison or bonded labour
  • Child labour shall not be used
  • Disciplinary and employment practises free from physical, verbal or psychological abuse
  • Working hours are not excessive and maximum overtime stated clearly to employees
  • Adequate living wages are paid in a timely manner along with benefits as per legal requirements
  • Regular employment is provided
  • No discrimination is practised
  • Recognition and respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

We aim to achieve this by conducting business in a responsible manner and applying the following criteria to our operational systems:

  • Collaborating with ethically responsible suppliers with whom we have established long term relationships
  • Suppliers must be a member of SEDEX and provide transparency in the form of sharing of audits and facilitating site visits
  • Ensuring that all suppliers’ sites of manufacture are independently audited on a yearly basis to a SMETA or ICTI ethical audit
  • Coordinate with regards to any corrective action plans and assisting suppliers to find workable solutions in order to close out any non-compliance issues
  • Representative of Hacche to carry out twice yearly visits to suppliers’ sites of manufacture, in order to review all ethical audits